Thought-level countering necessary for those who are trying to eradicate Hindutva

Views of Meghan Ortiz on adopting Hindu Dharma

New York – Meghan Ortiz, an American nurse, has adopted Hindu Dharma. Her interview has been posted on YouTube Channel, ‘Politically Perfect’. She has narrated her experiences and the thought process behind adopting Hindu Dharma. Anti-Hindu thinkers and intellectuals have been trying to eradicate Hindu Dharma through a rancorous programme, ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ held in the USA, by stooping to a very low level, in criticising Hindu Dharma. Against this background, this interview explaining the greatness of Hindu Dharma, has become viral on social media. Programmes like ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ are trying to silence Hindus and that should be countered at the thought level, she stated.

Explaining the basic difference between Hindu Dharma and Christianity, she said that one cannot ask questions in Christianity, but it is not so in Hindu Dharma. Devotees can ask their doubts.

Courtesy : Political Perfect

Positive changes in life after chanting ‘Om’ !

Ortiz said that her mother passed away when she was 19-year-old, and she slipped into substance abuse. She, however, stopped doing it and later learned that her grandparents, who were in Vietnam at that time, prayed at a Shiva Temple for her bright future. They prayed to Hindu Deity although they are Catholics. This incident created a profound impact on her mind and she started studying Hindu Dharma. She started praying to God. She thought Bhagawan Shiva cared for her, and protected her even when she was not a Hindu. Later, she started chanting ‘Om’ which has brought positive changes in her life.

Editorial viewpoint

On one hand, non-Hindus are trying to study Hindu Dharma and adopting it. In contrast, selfish Hindus are falling prey to lures and giving up Hindu Dharma due to lack of education on Dharma.