Liquor shops will be converted to cow shelter in MP !

BJP leader Uma Bharati

Bhopal – A liquor shop has been opened near the Ram Raja Sarkar Temple, 300 km from Bhopal in the Orchha area of Niwari District. “Without waiting for the liquor policy, I will start converting liquor shops, which are being run in contravention of rules, into cow shelters,” said the BJP leader Uma Bharati on this.

Bharti further said that Governments are being formed in the name of Shriram, but a liquor shop has been allowed to come up near the Ram Raja Sarkar temple in Orchha. She has told people to arrange for 11 cows to be put up outside the “illegal” liquor shop in Orchha. “Will see who dares to stop me… Will feed these cows and arrange water for them at the liquor shop,” she said.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus do not expect liquor shops near Ram temple in BJP – ruled MP !

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