Murderous rampage near Jerusalem synagogue left 7 dead, 10 injured

Jerusalem (Israel) – Murderous rampage at Neve Yaakov synagogue killed 8 and left 10 injured. The Palestinian attacker was killed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the place of attack. This attack had followed Israel’s attack on Palestine’s West Bank on 26th January. 9 had been killed and 16 injured in it.

A Police Officer said that, this attack had taken place at 8.15 p.m. 21-year-old terrorist Alkem Khatri came near synagogue and waited for people to come out of the prayer hall. As soon as people came out he started shooting berserk and later ran away in a car; but within 15 minutes Police caught him; he tried to escape while firing at the Police; but was killed in counter shooting by the police.

Political parties in Israel Government want to remove Palestinian settlement in West Bank with the help of the army; hence the conflict between the countries is on the rise.

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