Billboards showing similarities in Islam and Christianity displayed in many cities in USA !

Initiative of a voluntary Islamic organisation

Washington (US) –  Billboards have been displayed on road-sides in some of the cities in the USA claiming that there are similarities in Islam and Christianity. One such billboard in Houston says ‘Muslims love Jesus’ and below which it is written that ‘One God and His Message’. Different responses have been received on these hoardings.

1. A voluntary Islamic education centre, ‘Gain Peace’ in Illinois has displayed such hoardings in cities like Dallas, Chicago, and Middle New Jersey giving a message about similarities in all religions and eliminating wrong things in them.

2. On one billboard, Mother Mary is shown in ‘hijab’ with the message ‘The fortunate Mary wore ‘hijab’. Will you honour it ?’ On another hoarding, there is a photo of ‘Kaaba’ mosque from Mecca in Saudi Arabia, on which it is written ‘An annual pilgrimage place of billions of Muslims created by Ibrahim dedicated to worshipping of God’.

We have to have faith in Jesus and Mary too for being Muslims !

A member of ‘Gain Peace’ from Houston said that many people were calling them up and asking about the similarities between Islam and Christianity. We tell them that we have to have faith even in Jesus and Mary to be Muslims. They are surprised when we tell them so. (Will Muslim organisations in India ever advise their brethren to have faith in Bhagawan Shriram and Shrikrushna to be Muslims ? – Editor) 

Editorial viewpoints

  • Indians may wonder whether any Islamic organisation take such initiative for the display of billboards showing similarities with another religion in India, especially in the States like Kashmir and Kerala ?
  • There is a rise in the activities of fanatic Muslims in the USA and the feeling of hatred towards Muslims is increasing. Is it, therefore, an attempt of Islamic organisations to change such feelings ?

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