China is spying on countries around the world through microchips in fridges, laptops, and light bulbs !

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London (Britain) – After a detailed investigation UK Government has been warned that China has the ability to spy on common people by “weaponising” microchips embedded in cars, refrigerators, and even light bulbs. The Government says China is not indulging in spying only in Britain but it is doing it worldwide. The Government has found that China is getting information from the microchips installed in the equipment.

1. A chip has been installed in the Chinese parts used in the cars. The Government says a spying chip could be there in the LED bulbs also which are used in homes.

2. Numerous British Universities have made technical contracts with Chinese companies. Britain feels that these Chinese companies are stealing the inventions and experiments done in these Universities. These companies are all accused of spying in African countries.

3. Only 3 Chinese companies Quectel, Fibokom and China Mobile hold 58% market share of the world market in Electronics equipment. World’s 10 large mobile manufacturing companies use the spare parts made by these 3 Chinese companies in their mobiles. These three companies have 75% of the market share in the vehicular industries. The important thing is that the Chinese Government controls all these three companies. ‘Tesla’ in its four-wheeler manufacture uses the network of these 3 companies for connectivity.

4. The British Government feels that the spy chip in the Chinese machines is operated through the 5G network. It is connected to various servers in China. Through it, information about important British personalities, societies, and military movements is transmitted to China.

5. Britain’s report says that China had easily obtained the tiniest information about American scientists and their work. China already had all information about which weapons, how many, and when the US had supplied to Taiwan. China created air and naval barrage around Taiwan before the supplies could reach Taiwan.

6. Carls Parten a diplomat working in China for 22 years said, there is a suspicion that there is spying in whichever country Chinese products are exported. China does not do this only for getting information for security reasons but also as a way of getting feedback from customers.

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The counter means to this spying by China has not been found !

Laptops, Voice Control Smart Speaker, Smart Watch, Smart energy meters, CCTV Camera, Cameras used by the Police all over the world, Doorbell Camera, Card payment machines, Hot tubs, and Cars are all China manufactured or made by using Chinese parts. And no means of how to stop spying using these products has been found yet.

China gets this information !

Chinese organisations through smartphones get information about your bank accounts. China easily gets all information – To whom did you give money ? How much was given ? Where do we spend ? and Your contacts. The recordings in the CCTV camera installed in the house reaches China. Even if the phone is off it still continues audio and video recording. Most of the electronic goods use Chinese spare parts or are totally manufactured in China by China mobile and Fibokom. India does not have a Data Protection Law. This gives Chinese companies a free hand. European countries like Britain have strict laws. If it is found that data is leaked from Britain then the Chinese companies are fined 4% of their turnover. This can be up to crores of rupees.

Editorial viewpoint

India should teach such a crafty China a lesson by stopping all imports of its goods.