Russia criticised UK after the UK plans to send arms to Ukraine

The British killed millions of Indians and looted wealth worth 45 trillion dollars

Moscow (Russia) – The UK became rich by looting wealth worth 45 trillion dollars from India. More than 100 million Indian people “fell victim” to London’s draconian policies as it ruled the country between 1880 to 1920, Russia noted, adding that this period was the “peak of the British colonial rule in India” that brought misery and suffering to the Indian population.

The Russian foreign ministry slammed the UK after the UK decided to provide arms to Ukraine. Russia’s Foreign Ministry was refuting the statistics cited in a scholarly study published by economic anthropologists Jason Hickel and Dylan Sullivan.

1. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated, the British rule in India reduced the mortality rate from 37.2 per 1,000 in the 1880s, to a further 44.2 in the 1910s, and shrank the life expectancy of the Indians from 26.7 to 21.9 years, respectively, Russia said citing Hickel and Sullivan’s study. This, noted Russia, was because millions of Indians died due to the anthropogenic famine “engineered by the British” in the then Bengal of 1943. “That humanitarian catastrophe was a direct result of the decisions by the colonial administration and personally British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who ordered for grain to be shipped out of India to cover the needs of the home country.”

2. Russia, while referring to Britain’s racist policy stated quoted the ex-British Prime Minister’s wordings: ‘I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.’ Churchill caused a “humanitarian catastrophe” in India, as a result of the decisions made by his colonial administration.

3. Supporting the analysis of the Indian economist Utsa Patnaik, Russia accused the UK of looting Indian wealth during colonial rule. The British empire siphoned out £9.2 trillion ($45 trillion) of wealth from India, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out.

Editorial Viewpoint

Now the Indian Government should try to get this wealth back !