Human corpses are composted in the United States

Washington (USA) – Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs cremate human corpses, while Muslims and Christians bury them. In the US, one facility is offering composting facilities from corpses. However, it is being suspected that how much this fertilizer will be environmentally friendly ? Washington State approved this fertilizer for the first time in 2019. So far 6 US states have allowed ‘human composting’. A person can choose to turn their remains into soil or fertilizer after death.

In ‘human composting’, it is claimed that corpses can be converted into soil using a natural and safe process. For this process, a human corpse is placed in a container filled with wood chips, alfalfa (a type of plant), and straw grass. After this, it takes 30 days for further processing. The resulting soil is handed over to the families. This soil can also be used as fertilizer for flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables.

Editorial viewpoint

The West is embracing ill practices under the name of progressivism, without understanding any spiritual aspect. Cremation of human corpses is the correct way in all respects but the West will understand this only if they study it.

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