March in Nagpur for India to be declared as Hindu Rashtra

Commendable activity of ‘Hindu Dharma Jagaran Samiti’

March taken by ‘Hindu Dharma Jagaran Samiti’

Nagpur (Maharashtra) – With a view to demand declaring India Hindu Rashtra, ‘Hindu Dharma Jagaran Samiti’ had organised a march on 1st January. Many devout Hindus had joined the march. They shouted slogans very spontaneously. They also recited ‘Hanuman Chalisa’.

One worker had said that India belonged to Hindus. 100 crore Hindus live in India yet it is not Hindu Rashtra. When Muslims or Christians exceed in numbers that nation is declared as Islamic or Christian. Despite a majority of Hindus living in India, then why is it not declared Hindu Rashtra ? India must be declared Hindu Rashtra.

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