A plot to reinstate monarchy again overthrown in Germany : 22 people arrested  

Berlin (Germany) – A plot to bring back the monarchy and overthrow the present Government was thwarted. The German Police with the help of 3,000 officers raided several places all over the country and arrested 22 individuals. The police said that they include Prince Heinrich XIII.

130 places in 11 of the 16 German States were raided.  Those arrested were plotting an armed revolt against the present Government. Some of the people in this plot were those who had refused to accept Germany’s new constitution after the war. And had instigated the people to overthrow the Government. Hence German Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann named the raids anti-terrorist raids.

According to the news published in the newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’, some people were plotting to attack the parliament. ‘House of Reich’ the royal family has not responded yet. Heinrich XIII connected to the royal family is among the plotters. Heinrich’s family ruled Germany for many decades. He wanted to overthrow the present Government and become the German King.

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