Promoting Islam through the Football World Cup by Qatar !

Doha (Qatar) – Thousands of Football lovers from all over the world have come here to watch the Football World Cup. Qatar is giving them information about Islam with a view to promoting Islam.

1. Football fans are enjoying touring Qatar along with viewing the World Cup. The Mosque built in the ‘Qatar Cultural Village’ is becoming the main attraction for tourists. Men and women who can speak numerous languages have been appointed here. Not just this the visitors are asked to see the ‘Electronic Board’. On this board information about Islam is displayed in more than 30 languages. Books in many languages, giving an Introduction to Islam, are also displayed here; and are distributed to the tourists.

2. Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has erected a pavilion outside the 2022 World cup venue, where visitors are being ‘introduced’ to Islam and its teachings.

3. Furthermore, the hadiths, which are words, actions, or habits of Prophet Muhammad, are found written on the walls of streets to attract non-Muslim tourists visiting Qatar to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2022.

Editorial viewpoint

Islamic countries bring religion into the Sport ! India’s secularists and Liberals will never raise their voices about this !

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