VHP activists thrashed a Muslim student on the college premises

Love jihad at a University in Surat Gujarat

Surat (Gujarat) – 3 Muslim students were thrashed and thwarted by VHP activists for trying to trap Hindu girls into love jihad at Bhagwan Mahavir Jain College. The video of this incident went viral on social media and there is no complaint filed with the Police.

1. It was reported to VHP activists that some Muslim students were carrying out love jihad systematically in the college and were threatening and blackmailing Hindu girls. VHP activists conducted a sting operation and identified Jeetu Shaikh and others.  The accused were beaten up on the college premises. Jeetu Shaikh had lured 3 Hindu girls into a love trap. In the sting operation, Jeetu said that he has nude pictures of two Hindu girls.

2. VHP national treasurer Dinesh Navdiya said to the journalists that they had received information that some Muslim students were trying to get close to the Hindu girls. They also had love affairs with Hindu girls. They used to chat with Hindu girls from fake profiles with Hindu names on social media. These Muslim students were identified and beaten up. They were let off after being persuaded. However stringent action will be taken if they continue to do the same. He added, not only in Surat but attempts will be made to end love jihad all over the country.

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindu girls would not fall into the love trap of Muslim youth or Muslim youth claiming to be Hindus, please note that Hindu organisations need to train Hindu girls to identify the hypocritical love jihadists alongwith give them education on Dharma !