Converted Christians keep woman’s corpse in house for 3 days in Tamil Nadu !

The family believed that the woman will resurrect due to prayers !

Madurai (TN) – A shocking incident has come to light from Tamil Nadu in which a converted Christian family kept the woman’s corpse in their house for 3 days in the hope that the dead woman will be resurrected through prayer. After the neighbours lodged a complaint with the Police, she was taken to her native village and last rites were performed.

1. Balkrishnan, a hotel manager in Madurai, had embraced Christianity along with his wife and two children a few years ago. The elder son is a doctor while the younger son is pursuing medical education.

2. Balkrishnan’s wife Malathi was undergoing treatment for heart disease. She eventually died due to it. Her body was kept at her residence. When the family failed to perform last rites on the dead body even after three days, the neighbours complained to the Police.

3. When the Police asked about the last rites, Balkrishnan said, ‘We are waiting for the pastor’. Balakrishnan and his two children hoped that the prayers would resurrect Malathi.

4. In another incident in 2021, a woman from a converted family was not taken to the hospital after a priest told that ‘Jesus will not save her if she is admitted to the hospital’. (Why don’t the so-called intellectuals utter a word about such priests ? – Editor)

5. Later, after the death of the woman, her children aged 13 and 9 were kept with the dead body for 20 days. At that time too, the Police had to intervene and compel for performing the last rites.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Had the Hindus done such an act, the so-called intellectuals, liberals and ANiS would have criticised the Hindus, but because Christians have done such a thing, this gang will not utter even a word of protest against it !
  • Hindus are converted by offering cures through prayer, as well as other inducements. Hindus also fall prey to these lures. Such Hindus should learn from this incident !

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