Kerala Islamic Institute teaches Geeta and Upanishads

Professor Omanpilli Mahamad Faizee

Thrissur (Kerala) – Muslim students in Islamic Institution are studying Sanskrut shlokas and mantras under the tutelage of Hindu gurus. Conversation between Guru and students happens in Sanskrut. The professor of ‘Academy of Sharia and Advanced Studies’ operated by ‘Malik Dinar Islamic complex’ (MIC), Omanpilli Mahamad Faizee said, Sanskrut Upanishads, Purans, texts, etc. are taught with the intention of creating awareness about other Religions/Faiths, among students. Students converse in Sanskrut with each other.

The professor teaching there said that after 10th standard students are taught an important portion of Bhagwadgeeta, Upanishads, Ramayan, and Mahabharat for the next 8 years.

Editorial viewpoint

It won’t be a surprise if religious fanatics Muslims start expressing their fury upon this commendable gesture on the part of this Islamic Institution.