‘Hindu’ is a foreign word and its meaning is very dirty !

Satish Jarkiholi, Karnataka State president of Congress, says !

Karnataka State president of Congress Satish Jarkiholi

Belagavi (Karnataka) – Karnataka State president of Congress Satish Jarkiholi made an outrageous and controversial statement while speaking at a program in Nipani. He said, ‘The word ‘Hindu’ is Persian and has a horrible and shameful meaning. You can get information about this on websites.

I don’t understand why some people are creating a fuss about this foreign word. There should be a debate about why a word and a religion from elsewhere are being forcefully imposed on people here’. The video of this statement has gone viral on social media.

Editorial Viewpoint

The meaning of the word ‘Hindu’ is given in Indian scriptures as ‘The one who destroys bad qualities is a Hindu’. Satish Jarkiholi’s statement proves that he has not studied the scriptures !