Rishi Sunak observing ‘upper-caste’ taboos against beef and alcohol ! : The Guardian

Anti-Hindu article published by Britain’s newspaper ‘The Guardian’ !

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

London (UK) – ‘The Guardian’, a famous newspaper published from here, has criticised the newly elected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain because he is a Hindu of Indian origin. The writer Pankaj Mishra doesn’t feel it is a historical moment for Britain to have a Prime Minister from their minority community. He has derided Sunak for keeping away from beef and alcohol as the culture of upper castes. Bad words are used in the name of Hindus, calling them upper castes. Mishra has also criticised him for keeping an Idol of Shri Ganesh with him.

1. Using the term ‘Hindu Supremacists’, Mishra says Sunak is like a ‘Desi Bro’ for the nationalists in India. Communists and Islamists use the term ‘Hindu Supremacists’ to make a mockery of nationalistic Hindus. It means that Hindus politicise the difference in castes as ‘upper-lower’ castes.

Writer Pankaj Mishra

2. It has been stated in the article that the nationalist Hindus consider Sunak even an undercover agent of India.

3. Sunak doesn’t look like a Hindu with his way of dressing up as Mahatma Gandhi used to look in his loincloth. Today, India is forgetting Gandhian principles and running after power and money, says the article.

4. An Indian writer has been purposely selected to write an article against Sunak so that it wouldn’t cause a row, is the response on social media to this article.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Media like ‘The Guardian’ which make noise about the oppression of minority Indian Muslims are criticising a leader from the minority community in their own country, thus exhibiting their anti-Hindu double standards !
  • The real problem with the newspapers like ‘The Guardian’ is that Hindus are becoming powerful; so, please note that its outcome is such articles !    

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