Puja performed by a group of people in a 562-year-old Madarasa in Bidar, Karnataka

  • Twice a year puja is performed near the Madarasa
  • Opposition from the Muslims

Bidar (Karnataka) – On the night of 6th October a crowd entered the 562-year-old Mahmud Gawan madarasa and performed puja. After this incident, there is tension in the area. Muslim organisations are protesting this incident. A video of this incident is circulating on social media. This madarasa was built in 1460. Now it is under the jurisdiction of the Archaeological Survey of India. There is a protest against the incident of puja performed inside the Madarasa when there is permission to perform puja twice a year in a particular place near the madarasa. The Police have filed a case against 9 individuals after the incident, and 4 individuals have been arrested. And they are searching for the other 5.

1. According to the information given by the Police Commissioner it is the tradition since the time of the Nizams, to perform puja on Dussehra. There is a Minar in the madarasa’s compound. Twice a year 2 or 4 people go inside to perform puja, but this time a large number of people entered. No one has broken the door and illegally barged into the place. we have registered a case.

2. Inspector General of Police said that puja is always done under a tree close to the madarasa by the Hindus. But this time the tree was not there. there is nothing unusual that the Hindus went there, as they go there every Vijayadashami to perform the puja.

(Credit : CNN-News18)

Asaduddin Owaisi’s protest

AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi criticised the BJP, the state’s ruling party. Owaisi accused them of encouraging this incident.

Editorial viewpoints

  • How is it that the Muslims do not oppose the Iftar parties held in a Hindu temple and namaz being offered in a Hindu temple ?
  • Realise that the people who keep on extolling the ‘Ganga Jamuni Tahazeeb’ and preaching to the Hindus are not uttering a single word against the Muslims ! (‘Ganga Jamuni Tahzeeb’ means a culture that unites the Hindus and Muslims. Pressure is put on only the Hindus to follow this culture.)

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