EOW recovers an unaccounted cash of ₹1.65 crore from a Christian Bishop !

A raid by Madhya Pradesh’s economic offences wing (EOW)

Jabalpur (MP) – Madhya Pradesh’s economic offences wing (EOW) has recovered ₹1.65 crores during searches conducted at the residence and office of Church of North India Jabalpur Diocese’s bishop PC Singh. (It has to be noted that by keeping the same name even after converting to another religion, the converted Hindus are in a way betraying the society. – Editor)

(Credit : MIRROR NOW)

Similarly, an invoice of $18,000 (₹14.35 lakh) was also found in the raid. Bishop PC Singh is currently in Germany. He is also accused of making fake documents and committing a fraud of ₹2.7.

Editorial viewpoint

The media suppresses such news but is eager to put false blames on the Hindu saints !

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