Afghani Muslim man arrested in the murder case of 4 Muslims in the US

(Left side) Afghani citizen Mahammad Saeed

New Mexico (US) – Four Muslims were killed in the last few days in Albuquerque city here. Police have arrested an Afghani citizen Mahammad Saeed in this case. It is being said that the murders were due to hatred towards Islam. US President Biden had named the murders as ‘Attacks on Muslims’. But now it has come to light that a Muslim only had killed them. Hence Muslims here were scared. Some of them had even fled away.

The first murder among the 4 had taken place in November 2021. The others 3 were killed in the last 15 days. The dead were Afghanis and Pakistanis. The Police are investigating the basic reason for the murders. Police opine that the murders also might be due to internal religious conflict among Muslims.

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