Police take into custody three Muslims showing a mosque in place of a temple on Google Maps !

Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) – Google Maps shows Kahakashan mosque in place of Shri Ambe Mata Mandir at Bhadwasa village creating tension in the area. The local residents have demanded stringent action against the concerned persons while lodging a complaint with the Police. The Police have registered a case under Section 295 A of the Indian Penal Code and taken into custody Shahrukh, Amin, and a minor boy.

They are local residents and are being interrogated. Shahrukh apparently edited the places of interest on Google Maps (which allows one to make such changes) and changed the Temple to the mosque. He also took screenshots of the edited place and posted on social media. The people took Shahrukh to task on this issue when the Police reached and took him into custody.

Editorial viewpoint

This incident shows that the fanatic Muslims have now used every means to attack Hindus !

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