Imam arrested for killing pregnant wife in Uttar Pradesh mosque

Murdered wife after learning through witchcraft that she had a daughter in her womb !

Accused Imam Usman

Lucknow (UP) – Police have arrested an imam for killing his pregnant wife in a mosque in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Accused Imam Usman has confessed the crime. Usman said that his wife Hina was 8 months pregnant. He wanted a son. So, he used witchcraft to find out what was in his wife’s womb. Upon learning that Hina had a daughter in her womb, he asked her to have an abortion, which she refused. He then killed his wife on 12th May by pushing her from the roof of the mosque. Hina fell from the roof of the mosque and died on the spot.

After learning that Imam Usman was her daughter’s killer, Hina’s mother lodged a complaint with the Saharanpur Police against Usman and his two accomplices. While investigating the case, Imam was found guilty, said Police officer Piyush Dixit.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Muslims are a minority in the population, but the majority in crimes !
  • Why are the so-called feminist organisations silent about this ?

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