Class II girl got the punishment of praying to Allah by the teacher for not solving maths problems  !

  • Annoying mishap at Orchid International School in Bengaluru 
  • When the video of this incident went viral by her parents, Orchid International School filed a complaint against them in the Police station !
Editorial comments

  • What an irony ! BJP being the ruling party in Karnataka, Hindus want the girl to get justice and an action to be taken against the school !
  • Why are those, who immediately start blaming the saffronisation of education when something related to Hindu Dharma is taught, quiet now ?

Bengaluru – Orchid International School in this metro city filed a complaint against the father of a girl for defaming the school. This girl was given the punishment of praying to Allah for not solving a Maths problem and warned not to tell anyone about this. A video of this incident went viral. After that, the school has filed a complaint about defamation of the school.

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