Hindu youth died in the beating by a gang of religious fanatics !

Editorial comments

  • If a religious fanatic is beaten by a group of Hindus and if he dies due to that, some individuals will try to prove it by all means, how unsafe the Muslims in India are ! Why are they quiet now ? Does the life of Hindus don’t mean anything for them ?
  • If this is the state of Hindus in the country capital Delhi, it can’t be imagined how it would be in the other parts of the country !

New Delhi – Two Hindu youths Jatin and Pankaj lost their lives in an attack by a group of 7 to 8 religious fanatics on the night of 20th December. After the CCTV footage of this incident was out, the Police arrested a youth named Ramzan along with one other individual, while the rest of their accomplices are being searched. This incident took place with the intention of robbery.

It happened while Jatin and Pankaj were returning home. This gang looted Rs. 3,000 from them, beaten them and threw them into the gutter after they were dead. Jatin died in this.