Halal meat to be served to Indian cricket team 

Editorial comments

  • Why should halal meat be served to 80% of the players of the Indian cricket team even though they are Hindus ? The Hindus want an answer from the BCCI. Hindu players should boycott such meat and also ask the reason for it, but they don’t seem to do it; as they lack education on Dharma. They give greater priority to money than to the pride of Dharma.
  • Unfortunately, cricketers are the role model of countless young generations of India today, like cricketers they too will start eating Halal meat later. Realise that this is a well-planned conspiracy to increase the consumption of Halal meat in India.

New Delhi – The Indian cricket team will not be allowed to eat beef or pork in their diet plan; however, they will be served Halal-certified meat, reported Sports Tak a news channel of India Today group.

What is Halal meat?


To obtain Halal meat, the jugular vein of the animal is cut and the animal is left to bleed to death. The meat of an animal killed with so much agony is called Halal meat. While sacrificing this animal, its face is kept in the direction of Mecca.