When the Hindu society which has fallen asleep awakens, it will enlighten the entire world! – RSS Chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat

New Delhi – RSS Sarsanghalachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat recollected Mahatma Gandhi’s words, ‘Hindutva means constant search for the Truth’. He said, “today the Hindu society is exhausted and is sleep. But when it wakes up, it will set off to work with more energy than ever before and enlighten the whole world.” He was speaking at a book release.

Dr Bhagwat said,

  1. Aggressive forces attacked India with the intention of acquiring wealth. Although the Shakas, Huns, Kushans came, they got integrated with us. Then came Islam in a different form. Their stance was ‘The one who becomes like us will survive. Those who do not become like us, they will have no rights at all’.
  2. The Muslim attackers destroyed Hindu symbols. To oppose this, the fight continued for a long period of time. Fighting also becomes a cause for relationships. Thus, Indian culture and traditions had an influence over the aggressors as well. The process of harmony began. People like Dara Shikoh also participated in this process. He studied the Vedas and also translated them. However, the process of establishing unity was disrupted by Aurangzeb.
  3. Today, no one is a foreigner in our country. All are descendants of Hindu ancestors. The concern is not that someone will change us; the concern is that we may forget these aspects/things.

    He said an ‘Undivided India’ is necessary for the welfare of the Universe. Just like there were many who did not believe the country would be separated during the time of
    Independence, there were many who doubt the ‘Undivided India’ concept. Then, again if partition had happened,
    even unity is possible, he felt.