Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan intensifies

Battle tanks, Helicopters and Drones destroyed, at least 16 dead.

Moscow (Russia) – While speculations were made about war between India and China, conflict has intensified between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the two States which gained independence from Soviet Union. There is a border dispute between the two countries. Both the countries have declared war against each other. Both the States have started using artillery, battle-tanks and helicopters for attacking each other. 16 people have lost their lives and over a hundred persons sustained serious injuries in the heavy clashes. Armenia has imposed the ‘Martial Law’, and has ordered all its soldiers to go to the border.

A newspaper published by Armenia’s Defence Ministry has cited that “Azerbaijan’s army on 27th September 2020 at 8:10 PM attacked the residential area of a border town Stepanakert. In retaliation to the attack, Armenia’s security forces destroyed 2 helicopters, 3 Drones and 3 battle-tanks. In this regard, Armenia has released a documentary, which depicted the destruction of battle-tanks.

In reply to the declaration given by Armenia, Azerbaijan has said that it has taken measures for the safety of the citizens of border towns.

Reason for the conflict

The dispute between the two States because of the control of 400 sq. kms. area of Nagorno-Karabakh. As per the International rules, Nagorno belongs to Azerbaijan: but Armenia’s national security forces have gained control over the area. Armenia claimed that in the year 1951, Armenia’s forces had helped this area to become independent; but Azerbaijan does not recognize it, and thus the present dispute has arisen.