150 cows rescued from Mandla (Madhya Pradesh) before Bakri Eid

11 illegal houses found with beef, demolished

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Mandla (Madhya Pradesh) – The administration raided Bhaiswahi village and rescued 150 cows. These cows were smuggled to slaughter. Beef was confiscated from 11 houses here. The houses were unauthorised, which were subsequently demolished. These houses were built on the Government land. (Didn’t the administration know about this earlier ? Were they sleeping till the construction of these houses ? – Editor). Total 11 cases have been registered in this matter but only one accused has been arrested and the remaining guilty escaped. Earlier too, the village was raided but this time the action was on a larger scale.

Editorial Perspective

When a goat is supposed to be sacrificed on Bakri Eid, why cows are slaughtered ? Why no Muslim religious leader or Political leader gives answer to question ?