Actress Raveena Tandon hit an elderly woman with car and assaulted her : False allegations by a religious fanatic gang

  • Fake video shared by religious fanatic reporter Mohsin Shaikh
  • Religious fanatic mob attacked actress Raveena Tandon in fact
Actress Raveena Tandon
Courtesy : Economic Times

Mumbai – A burqa-clad woman had come for a function outside actress Raveena Tandon’s house. As Raveena Tandon drove her car slowly past the woman, a mob of Muslims surrounded and attacked her, accusing her of running over the elderly woman and assaulting her. A video showing Raveena Tandon being attacked by the Muslim mob and Tandon pleading not to hit her has gone viral. In the video, Raveena appears bewildered.

Mohsin Shaikh, a reporter, has shared a blatantly fake video featuring the son of concerned elderly woman. In the video, a man named Ahmed claims, “Raveena Tandon’s car hit my mother. She was drunk at the time and assaulted my mother, causing a head injury. Despite spending four hours at Khar Police Station, no one has registered our complaint. We are being asked to compromise.”

Such gangs are operating in Mumbai : People’s reaction

Under the video shared by Sinha on ‘X,’ readers commented :

1. Such gangs are operating in Mumbai.

2. This mob of ‘peacefuls’ is literally lynching her.

3. These ‘peacefuls’ create problems everywhere.

4. If this can happen to celebrities, what could happen to ordinary people ?

News channels broadcast false reports hastily without verification

CCTV footage clearly shows that actress Raveena Tandon’s car did not even touch the elderly Muslim woman. This video has also been shared. Despite this, some news channels reported that ‘Raveena Tandon’s car hit an elderly woman.’ Even though the car was moving very slowly, false reports such as ‘Raveena was driving recklessly’ were broadcasted.

Editorial Perspective

Is this another attempt to pester Hindus ? Are spreading lies and disturbing harmony the actual intentions in this matter ? Therefore, such mob attacks should be thoroughly investigated.