Claim of forced donation demand by temple for cremation of a Dalit Hindu woman

  • Incident in Karnataka’s Chikkaballapura District
  • Rituals conducted only after the poor family donated Rs 6,000 by taking loan
File photo (Credits : Hindustan Times)

Chikkaballapura (Karnataka) – It has been alleged that a temple in Gauribidanur Taluk of the District had demanded a donation of Rs 25,000 for the cremation of a Hindu Dalit woman. Despite the deceased woman’s family expressing their inability to afford such an amount, the temple persisted, refusing to proceed with the cremation until the money was deposited. Eventually, the family resorted to taking a loan of Rs 6,000 to meet the temple’s demand. It is reported that the cremation of the deceased woman took place only after this donation was made.

This incident occurred in Gotakanapur village, where Hanumakka, belonging to the ‘Adi Karnataka community,’ passed away. The family was asked to provide a donation of Rs 25,000 to the Satyamma Deity Temple in Gotakanapur, following community customs for the funeral rites. The cremation was only permitted to proceed after the money was donated. In response, the deceased woman’s daughter remarked, “Society comprises both affluent and less fortunate individuals. There remains a lack of awareness regarding such superstitions. How can this go on ?”

Editorial Perspectives

  • Hindu Dharma is the most tolerant Dharma. Consequently, any instance of a temple demanding money from a distressed Hindu family warrants thorough investigation, and appropriate action should be taken against those responsible.
  • Now it should not be surprising if this isolated incident is exploited to distance Dalits from Hindu Dharma.