RSS flag will become national flag someday ! : BJP leader KS Eshwarappa

(In the middle) BJP leader and MLA K.S. Ishwarappa                                                      (Image credit : Navabharat)

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The saffron is respected for years. The saffron indicates sacrifice. There is no doubt that the saffron flag will become the national flag one day. RSS worships this flag to imbibe the value of sacrifice in the mind. Tricolour is our national flag, there is no doubt about it and we all respect it, said the former state BJP chief KS Eshwarappa. Many politicians have protested against his statements.

Even in February 2020, he had made a similar statement. That time he had said that the RSS flag will take the place of the Tricolour one day, but it will take some time. The RSS flag will be hoisted on the Red fort. This statement had created a lot of issues.

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