Left, media destroying Sanatan Dharma, Hindus should unite : Former Deputy PM of Nepal

Kathmandu (Nepal) – Since many leftist portals, political parties from Congress and the Communists and Islamic organisations are busy spreading falsehoods about the Citizenship Amendment Act, giving it a communal spin, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal Kamal Thapa called for all the Hindus of the world to unite in the fight against the leftists who are hellbent on destroying ‘Sanatan Dharma’.

Calling for Hindus of the world to stand up against the left and preserve the glory of Sanatan Dharma, the leader of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party of Nepal Kamal Thapa took to Twitter on 20th December to write : ‘This is true in Nepal’s context too. Nepal’s left and Nepali Congress along with some mainline media, academia are trying to destroy age-old Sanatan Dharma, culture, Nepali Maryada, parampara and identity.’

Kamal Thapa was responding to a tweet by Vedic Scholar Dr. David Frawley, also known as Pandit Vamadeva Shastri. Dr. David Frawley had said that Hindus have been under siege politically, religiously and demographically for centuries. “India’s leftist media, academia and political parties from Congress to the Communists are now leading the charge. Hindus should have no illusions about their motivations and stand firm”, Dr. David Frawley said.