Submerged Nabatean Temple found in Italy

Roam (Italy) – A team of marine archaeologists working off the coast of Italy has identified a submerged Nabatean temple dating to the early first century CE, according to the Italian Ministry of Culture. Located in Pozzuoli, near Naples, the temple was dedicated to the god Dushara, the head of the Nabatean pantheon and the patron god of the Nabatean kingdom. Dushara is also known as the God of Mountains in Nabatean culture. Further research on the temple has started. This will bring the history of the ancient city of Italy and many other facts.

“Ancient Puteoli reveals another of its treasures,” said Gennaro Sangiuliano, the Minister of Culture. “[This discovery] testifies to the richness and vastness of commercial, cultural, and religious exchanges in the Mediterranean basin in the ancient world.”

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