Global warming caused by the rich countries hurt the poor nations the most : Prime Minister Modi

Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the G20 Nations in Delhi

New Delhi – The Prime Minister observed that Post World War global governance failed in both its mandates of preventing future wars and fostering international cooperation on issues of common interests.  He further added that the tragic consequences of this failure are being faced mostly by all the developing countries and the world is at risk of rescinding Sustainable Development after years of progress. The Prime Minister also noted that many developing countries are struggling with unsustainable debt while trying to ensure food and energy security for their people. He also noted that it is developing countries that are most affected by global warming caused by rich countries.  The Prime Minister remarked that India’s G20 Presidency has tried to give a voice to the Global South. He was speaking at the G20 countries’ Foreign Ministers conference. The representatives of the US, Russia, China, Britain, France, and representatives of the 20 main world economies were present at the conference. Prime Minister was speaking in the inauguration session of the conference. He added we are meeting when there is a great divide in the world. In the last few years, we witnessed economic trouble, climate change, epidemics, terrorism, and war. This makes it clear that we failed in ‘Global Governance’.

If there is no unity of opinion about some issues, we will come together and find a solution for them ! – Dr S Jaishankar

India’s Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar

India’s Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar said in his address at the conference. The G20 nations have a great responsibility. This is the first time that we have come together during this challenging situation in the world. There is fear of a recurrence of the Covid pandemic, the Russian- Ukraine War, Climate change, and numerous other dangerous situations. We may not have a united opinion on many of these issues, but we have to get together and find solutions to these problems.

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