Iranian protestors set fire to the late supreme cleric Ayatullah Khomeini’s house

Protests against hijab enter their third month

Tehran (Iran) – The movement that started over the hijab restriction has now turned more violent. The birthplace of Ayatullah Khomeini, the late supreme cleric who radicalised Iran, was set on fire by protesters in Khomeyn. A video of this has been circulated on social media. After Khomeini’s death, a museum was built there. A video of the above incident that was circulated, shows a mob of protesters marching to Khomeini’s house and then ransacking his house and setting it on fire. The Iranian Government, however, denies this claim, stating that no such incident has occurred.

Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian woman, was arrested for not wearing the hijab properly. While in Police custody, she died. Since then (from last 3 months), the anti-hijab movement has erupted in Iran and women have taken the lead in this movement. One of the protesters arrested last week has been sentenced to death. As a result, the protesters became more angry.

Editorial viewpoint 

An outbreak occurs when Government oppresses society with the restrictions due to religious fanaticism.  Therefore, it will not be surprising if people protest in similar way in other Islamic Countries in the future too.

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