Nuns and pastors watch porn videos on the Internet !

Pope Francis publicly admits !

Vatican City – Pope Francis, the leader of Christians, publicly acknowledged that nuns and pastors watch porn. He said, ‘Like ordinary people, nuns and pastors also watch porn videos online. It’s a vice that many individuals have, including men, women, and even priests and nuns’. He was speaking at a meeting organised for future priests in the Roman Catholic Church. He also said that the common man is becoming a devil in this way.

The one who worships the Lord Jesus daily with a pure heart, cannot indulge in nudity !

Pope Francis was asked by a student in the church, ‘Should seminarians use facilities such as mobile phones’ ? Pope Francis replied, ‘It is appropriate to use mobile phones for communication; but what is digital pornography ? You are probably aware of it. This pornographic information cannot be received by a pure heart, one that accepts Jesus every day. Delete it from your cell phones so you don’t have temptation in your hand’.

Editorial Viewpoint

This is the true form of Christians ! Will India’s media, the so-called secularists, and pseudo-intellectuals who regard Christians as ‘peace loving’, say anything about this ?


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