Ajmer Dargah cleric’s son arrested for assisting Khalistani terrorist

Punjab Police arresting Tausif Chishti

Ajmer (Rajasthan) – The Punjab Police have arrested Tausif Chishti, the son of the cleric of Ajmer Dargah and office bearer of Anjuman Institution. He is arrested because of helping the Khalistani terrorist Charat Singh. Charat Singh had attacked Police Headquarters in Mohali along with his accomplices. Tausif had arranged for a pistol for Charat Singh to carry out an attack. Charat Singh has been arrested from Mumbai.  As per the information given by him, one AK47 rifle and 100 bullets were confiscated from Punjab. Charat Singh belongs to the ‘Babbar Khalsa’ outfit.

Editorial perspective

Another cleric from Ajmer was arrested in the case of the murder of Kanhayyalal in Rajasthan. Considering this trend, all the workers should be investigated.


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