Even if a person lives for one thousand years, he will not be able to please all the 333 crore Deities : Aadil Chishti

Anti-Hindu hate speech by the son of the Secretary of Ajmer Dargah’s Anjuman Committee

(Left side) Aadil Chishti and Nupur Sharma

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Chishtis and Khadims (servants) of the Ajmer Dargah have repeatedly made provocative comments against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma in the past few days. The communal harmony in the country was disturbed due to this. Continuing the streak, Aadil Chishti, son of Sarwar Chishti, has now mocked Hindu Deities. Aadil Chishti has released a video making derogatory comments on Hindu Deities. A few days ago, Sarwar Chishti had appealed to the Muslims to economically boycott the Hindu merchants. Gaur Chishti, another servant of the Dargah, had instigated the beheading of those who defied the prophet. This video was released by Aadil Chishti on 23rd June 2022.

Statements made by Adil Chishti

1. If Nupur Sharma is a Hindu, I have a few questions for her. How can one believe in the existence of 333 crore Gods ? How is this logical ? We can understand if there is one God. There can be different interpretations of people of different religions. But, 333 crore Gods, a wholesale of Gods, how can that be believable ? I feel that even if a person lives a thousand years, he cannot possibly please all 333 crore Gods and Goddesses. (Hindu Dharma mentions not 333 crore Deities, but 33 crore Deities. As in advanced medical science, there are various specialists like gynaecologists, paediatricians, ophthalmologists, etc., each Deity has its own specialty and worshipping the respective Deity in various difficulties yields results. Therefore, having so many Deities is not something to be mocked, but it is a specialty of Hindu Dharma, Aadil Chishti should understand this ! – Editor)

2. I would also like to remind Nupur Sharma that in Hindu mythology there is also a mention of Lord Vishnu’s 10 avatars. A few of these incarnations are in Human form, a few in the form of the animal, and a few are hybrids of human and animal forms. (Every Deity is a principle. God knows in what form His manifestation will benefit the devotee. So He has appeared in those forms. If the monotheists worship Him instead of asking such questions, they will also gain the same spiritual experience ! – Editor) I would like to ask her, are these 10 avatars possible or believable ? (Shrikrushna has promised to the devotee in the Gita that ‘When iniquity prevails on earth, I will incarnate’. Just as every sentence in the Quran is truth for Muslims, Deity’s promise is absolute for devout Hindus ! Therefore, Hindus have unshakable faith in ‘God’s reincarnation’ ! – Editor)

3. Aadil Chishti added, ‘How will you justify the existence of Shri Ganesh or Deity Hanuman ? They both were not of the human form’.

Cover up attempt by Aadil Chishti

When Aadil Chishti started facing flak, he made a U-turn and said, ‘If anyone’s religious sentiments have been hurt by my statements, I apologise, however, many news media have aired the edited version of my video’. (Hindus should pursue this case with the administration until Chishti is punished ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Hindu Dharma teaches that ‘God exists in everything’. And so, God exists even in animals, birds and plants, but how will monotheists understand this ? Muslims have no right to comment on Hindu Deities as they do not practice Hindu Dharma and thereby fail to gain spiritual experience !
  • If Hindus had made such comments about Muslim beliefs or the prophet, fatwas would have been issued against Hindus. Most of the Muslims take undue advantage of the fact that Hindus are tolerant. It is necessary to enact a law to put them behind bars !

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