Need ammunition, not help to escape, President of Ukraine taunts the United States

Kyiv (Ukraine) – ‘War is raging in Ukraine. At this time, I need ammunition to fight the war, not help to flee’, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the US while denying the offer to flee.

Zelenskyy and US President Joe Biden had a detailed discussion regarding assistance on 25th February. Biden offered to help Zelenskyy get out of Ukraine safely; however, Zelenskyy vowed to fight Russian troops and insisted that he will remain in the capital Kyiv, denying US assistance. Zelenskyy further said, ‘We are all here. We are all here defending our country and our freedom, and we will stand here forever’.

Will not allow Ukraine to develop nuclear weapons ! – Russia

‘Our goal is not to gain control of Ukraine, but we will not let Russia’s security be compromised. We will not allow Ukraine to develop nuclear weapons under any circumstances’, Russian President Vladimir Putin told during a meeting of the National Security Council.

A Ukrainian soldier blows himself up to stop Russian tanks !

A Ukrainian soldier blew himself up while standing on a bridge, risking his life to stop Russian tanks. As a result, the main road connecting the border with Ukraine is closed for Russian tanks. The soldier’s name is Whitley Skakun Volodymyrovich. The Ukrainian military says the soldier will be honoured posthumously.

US offers the aid of $350 million to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden, who failed to provide direct assistance to Ukraine in the war, has announced the aid of $350 million to Ukraine. The White House has issued a statement in this regard.

Russia partially bans Facebook

Russia has partially banned Facebook, accusing it of violating the rights and freedom of its citizens. Russia has also accused Facebook of coming under pressure to spread false information.

About 1 lakh Ukrainians fled from the country !

As many as 1,00,000 Ukrainians have fled the country in fear of Russian aggression. They have sought refuge in neighbouring Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Moldova. Poland has even set up refugee camps for Ukrainians.

Do not cross the border without the notice of the authorities ! – Indian Embassy

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine issued a regulation on 26th February instructing Indians in Ukraine not to cross any border checkpoints without the notice of Indian officials at the embassy.

8 students from Ratnagiri stuck in Ukraine !

Eight students from Ratnagiri District are reported to be stranded in Ukraine. 3 of them are from Devrukh. Some of these students are studying medicine in Kharkiv. The situation in Kharkiv has deteriorated and students have been shifted to safer places.

The second day of war is said to have claimed the lives of 198 Ukrainian civilians.

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