Understand the spiritual importance and benefit from jewellery that is worn on the ears

Earrings are considered to be the most basic and essential jewellery item worn by women. On a daily basis, women take pride in matching them with a variety of outfits and occasions. However, this is done mostly from the perspective of fashion. Sanatan Dharma looks upon jewellery not just as fashion, but as a spiritual code of conduct or ‘Achar’. Achardharma (Code of righteous conduct), a unique aspect of Sanatan Dharma, is the spiritualisation of every aspect of our day-to-day life. Spiritualisation means making all aspects of our life such as our home and premises, bath, dress, diet, music, dance, jewellery sattvik (Sattva predominant) and enriched with Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). This way, our day-to-day efforts in life lead us to eternal Bliss (meaning, God-realisation).

In this series of articles, we will present sattvik jewellery that should be worn from the head to toe so as to obtain Chaitanya. In our previous article, we presented jewellery that should be worn on the nose. In this article, we will present jewellery that is worn on the ears.

1. Spiritual importance of wearing sattvik earrings

1. It is necessary to wear sattvik jewellery in Kaliyug : In Kaliyug, the human body does not possess the ability to retain or augment the Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle). This is why, it needs subtle sattvik (Sattva predominant) jewellery at various points on the body. (Subtle is that which is beyond the comprehension of the five senses, mind and intellect.)

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2. Sattvik earrings create a protective sheath of Chaitanya around the ears. They also protect the ears from subtle negative energies that attack through the medium of sound waves.

3. Sattvik earrings enhance the sattvikata of the ears and increase their ability to experience Anahatnad (Subtle sound).

4. Movement of sattvik hanging earrings generates subtle sound. This acts as a spiritual healing remedy on the eardrum and the inner ear apparatus, and reduces the distress caused by subtle negative energies.

5. Jewellery on the ears exerts pressure on the ear lobes. This provides the benefit of Acupressure therapy.

2. Some examples of sattvik earrings

2A. Floral stud gold earrings

When sattvik gold metal is coupled with a sattvik design, these earrings emit sattvik vibrations, which have a spiritual healing effect on the one who wears it.

2B. Hanging gold earrings

1. Sattvik round hanging earrings attract positive energy from the atmosphere : Hanging earrings should preferably be small and round as shown in the pictures here. Such earrings attract positive energy from the atmosphere to the ear. They also protect the ear from distressing sound waves.

2. Movement of the sattvik round hanging earrings activates the Shakti Principle in the woman : Sattvik round hanging earrings absorb the Kriyashakti (Energy of action) from the atmosphere. This creates a dynamic Raja predominant protective sheath around the body and activates the Shakti Principle in the woman. Movement of these earrings provides protection against subtle negative energy attacks.

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3. Gold hoop earrings 

Hoop earrings have a void (hollow). This is why, they have a high proportion of the nirgun (Unmanifest) Principle. The vibrations emitted by sattvik hoop earrings have a calming effect on the mind, and the mind becomes introverted. The effect of hoop earrings increases with their size.

4. Pearl earrings

The round shape and white hue of pearls bestows sattvikata and the Divine Principle on the earrings. Pale yellow auras of Chaitanya are emitted by these earrings. As a result, the mind becomes cool and tranquil. Concentration increases and a protective sheath is created around the ears.

4A. Limitations of jewellery that has gold as well as pearls : Gold functions at the level of the Tejtattva, while pearl functions at the level of the Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle). However, in jewellery that has gold as well as pearls, with its radiance, gold reduces the ability of the pearl to complete its purpose. Hence, to obtain maximum benefit from gold or pearls, as far as possible ensure that the ornament has more pearls and minimal gold.

5. Attaching a sattvik gold chain to the earrings

Attaching a sattvik gold chain to the earring in the upward direction in front and downward direction at the back (of the ear) increases the power of emission of the earrings.

6. Wearing ear studs by piercing the ear at several points

6A. Special features of the rim of the external ear : The helix (Lateral rim of the external ear) is sensitive to congregating Tejtattva. The piercing in the ear lobe for the regular earrings emits Raja-Tama waves in the outward direction. Contact of sattvik gold earrings controls these waves, thus storing Tej in the skin of the ear lobes.

6B. Harm caused by piercing the external ear at several points : If the external ear is pierced at more than one point, the Tej gets dissipated. As a result, the subtle protective sheath around the ears is breached. Consequently, subtle distressing energy is transmitted into the body through the ear cavity. This leads to increase in ailments of the head, neck and throat.

7. Bugadi

Bugadi (known as koppu in Karnataka) is an earring worn in the upper part of the helix of the external ear. The piercing of the helix leads to dissipation of Tej, thus breaching the protective sheath of Tej around the ear lobe. In the earlier times, wearing a bugadi signified the Maratha Kshatriya tradition. Wearing a bugadi is a social custom and has no specific spiritual basis.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale (Founder, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay) and Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant (Member of research team, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa.)

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Sattvik earrings create a protective sheath and protect the ears from subtle negative energies that attack through the sound waves !