Shri Bhavanidevi’s Idol consecrated at Sanatan’s Ashram in Ramnathi (Goa)

The Idol of Shri Bhavanidevi being taken to the Temple in Sanatan’s Ashram in a bhav-enriched grand procession. The inset shows the bhav on the face of the Idol.

Ramnathi (Goa) – Adishakti Shri Bhavanidevi is the protector and bestower of blessings on devotees. With Her blessings, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj established the Hindavi Swarajya. To establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ as soon as possible like Chhatrapati’s Hindavi Swarajya, Shri Bhavanidevi was consecrated on 21st January in the auspicious environment of Sanatan’s Ashram on the instructions of Shri Vidyachoudeshwari Devi from Hangarahalli (Taluka Kunnigal, Karnataka).

On the morning of 21st January, the Idol of Shri Bhavanidevi was installed at the Temple in the area of the Ashram and later consecrated. Despite severe physical distress, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale was present at this time. He offered Akshata (Unbroken rice grains) to the Idol.

After the installation, the Principle Homa, Principle Nyas (Ritual of imbibing the Principle of Deities in the Idol of Shri Bhavanidevi) were performed. Later, Arati of Shri Bhavanidevi was performed. The consecration of Shri Bhavanidevi’s Idol was thus concluded. H.H. Das Maharaj (from Panaval, Banda), His wife H.H. (Mrs.) Lakshmi (Mai) Naik along with Sanatan and SSRF (Spiritual Science Research Foundation) Saints and seekers were present on the occasion.