Preserve the sanctity of marriage

After discussions in the Lok Sabha on 25th July, the Triple Talaq Bill was passed. As per the latest information, the Bill has also been passed in the Rajya Sabha and sent to the President for his assent.

There was a long discussion on the issue of triple talaq in the Lok Sabha. MP Asaduddin Owaisi of AIMIM said, “In Islam, marriage is not a seven birth relationship but a contract. The Government says, ‘Be together for 7 births’. Sorry ! We are happy with it till the end of this life only”. This statement of Owaisi is what motivates Hindus to think comprehensively and thoroughly about Hindu culture from the perspective of ‘marriage’.

‘Marriage’ is one of the 16 major sanskars mentioned in Hindu Dharma. In Hindu Dharma, ‘marriage’ is considered to be a very sacred bond. Even though it is a bond, it has the noble purpose of maintaining relationship between the couple for many births. Of course, it is also the religious and moral duty of the couple. The true purpose of marriage is to receive God’s blessings for the life of two jivas (Embodied souls) to complement each other and be happy ! It is not a contract, does not take away any rights, is not violent. Contracts have limits and artificiality. A sacred and invaluable ritual like marriage, must be said to be a gift of Hindu Dharma because, through marriage, one can go close to God without deep indulgence in worldly affairs and attain Advaita (Non-duality) between two lives.

Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (Righteousness, material gain, desire and Final liberation) are the four Purusharthas (Basic pursuits of life) in Hindu Dharma. One of them, Kama, is the very purpose of the marriage ceremony to gradually move towards ‘Moksha’.

The purpose of marriage is also to procreate a good society and maintain the eternity of Dharma and culture. One Saint said, “The lineage that arises from the Hindu marriage system must remain as long as the rivers, mountains, forests exist on the earth”. It is through this that the grand and noble ideas of Hindu Dharma are experienced. Hindu Dharma is simply limitless !

The deeds of Hindus and their degradation

Unfortunately, Hindus are trampling upon the same marriage sanskars that keep a check on adultery. The consequence is – ‘live-in relationships’, extramarital affairs, adultery, divorce, increasing abortions. This is very terrible and worrying. ‘Live-in’ relationships emerged from the idea that divorce should be avoided; therefore, we are going to live together and match our behaviour before the marriage. However, in reality, many couples have returned to their parents, rejecting their ‘Live-in’ relationship, leave alone thinking of divorce. The failure of ‘Live-in’ relationships is the failure to adapt even in the early stages.

Due to such incidents, even in Hindu Dharma, ‘separation’ between couples has started with men or women taking the lead. If one is not able to ‘match’ someone, he/she tries another ‘match’. All this leads to frustration ! There are many reasons why Hindus are heard saying today – There are many restrictions in Dharma which we do not want, we are not old-fashioned, we are modern, we will not follow these rules, etc.

In fact, other religious communities have to face many restrictions and rules after marriage when compared with the Hindus. These restrictions have to be followed even at the cost of personal freedom. Other religions treat all bonds respectfully. On the contrary, Hindus are averse to these restrictions. They reject all the restrictions of their Dharma. Out-of-wedlock relationship and adultery are examples of such rejection. In this, relations and love are given up without any thought. This increases incidences of divorce, plight of children, mental instability, etc. In such a situation, can one ever live a happy and fulfilled life ? This is the beginning and end of moral decline. According to Hindu Scriptures, these are the side effects of not abiding by the sanskar of ‘marriage’.

Even if marriage does take place, preserving the values of life is possible only for very few couples. In the past, ‘spouses’ used to have respect for each other, but now, it has been replaced by hatred, jealousy, envy and competition.

Abidance by Dharma is the only answer !

By adopting western culture, Hindus have abandoned Hindu culture themselves. Today, the entire Hindu community is being punished for this reason. It is hard to find people who are married and are virtuous these days. Happiness, intimacy, spiritual progress are the fruits of marriage; unfortunately, Hindu society has drifted away today. Even though we are imitating westerners, the westerners themselves have now started accepting these marriage sanskars and abiding by Hindu Dharma since they have realised and repent for their mistakes.

O’ Hindus ! How long will you travel without direction in life ? Preserving a relationship depends purely on nourishing the chain of relationships, experiencing the sweetness of relationships. Realise the fact that a marriage sanskar can stand firmly only on the foundation of Dharma, and hence, abide by Dharma !

To preserve the invaluable gift of marriage sanskar is in the hands of Hindus only. If the value of Hindu Dharma is comprehended, Hindus will not need to reject the restrictions of Dharma just as other religious communities who are happy (?) in submitting to contracts, bonds, etc.

If Hinduism was as violent as Islam then no desert cult would have dared to convert our ancestors; in fact we would have converted them !

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