Radiant thoughts of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

In the ‘Hindu Nation’ the rulers would verily be deserving !

Political parties that have been elected since the Independence so far, not because they were deserving, but only because of being less harmful compared with others. (There is an English proverb on ‘Lesser of the two evils’, meaning, selecting a less harmful alternative of the two inappropriate alternatives.) This kind of situation will not arise in the ‘Hindu Nation’ since the rulers will verily be good !

Difference between the British and the Indian rulers

A handful of Britishers were able to rule entire India within a few years; whereas, in 71 years of Independence, the rulers so far have not been able to rule even a divided India. Hence, the present state of rulers is replete with news of violence. The only remedy on this is establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ !

Difference between other religions and Hindu Dharma

Other religions have the goal of ruling over the entire world. They cannot be compared with the Hindu Dharma which aims at God-realisation (Emancipation) of human beings.

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