After 2020, the Kingdom of ‘Sanatan Dharma’ Will be established in the world : H.H. Lal Baba

Mumbai – “Prophet Mohammad has said everything about Islam in ‘Quran Sharif’ and made predictions for only 1,400 years of Islam; he did not say anything about Islam after this period. Since he had nothing to say, it means there is something about it. A terrible situation will take place in the world after 2019 and 2020. The world is currently on the threshold of World War 3, which will take place, and Islam & Christianity will beome extinct in 2020. Islamic culture will be destroyed. Only one culture will survive which will still be vibrant, and that is, ‘Sanatan Dharma’; only ‘Sanatan Dharma’ will remain stable in the world”, said H.H. Lal Baba (National President of Hindu Dharma Parishad) of Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, in an interview with ‘ANI’ and ‘News 24×7’ news channels.

H.H. Lal Baba said, “Sanatan Dharma is an independent ideology, which does not work on the strength of the sword. There is nothing in the universe except ‘Sanatan Dharma’. Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Kabirpanthis, Dadupanthis, Sikhism are sects in our country. Islam is a sect and a religion. ‘Sanatan Dharma’ is distinct from other religions of the universe. I am not lying. The religion that teaches to attack is not a religion. When a person wakes up from sleep, he yawns at first; at that moment, he pronounces ‘Om’. The word ‘Allah’ or ‘O’ God’ does not come out of his mouth. In Arab countries, Baghdadi has killed the Sunnis. Shias and Sunnis are fighting among themselves. Islam will finish itself by in-fighting”.

H.H. Lal Baba’s predictions can be heard in detail on : under the title ‘Lal Baba predicts extinction dates of Islam & Christianity’. 

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