What is the significance of chanting Deity Datta’s Name || Shri Gurudev Datta ||

|| Shri Gurudev Datta ||

The problem of ancestors’ souls : In today’s times, since most people do not perform rites for the departed (known as Shraddha) etc. as were performed earlier and nor do they perform spiritual practice, they suffer due to the subtle bodies of ancestors.

Only Saints can say if someone is suffering or will suffer due to this problem. If we are not fortunate enough to meet such a Saint, then considering that certain suffering (Examples – Inability to get married, marital disharmony, difficulty in conceiving, miscarriages, mentally retarded or handicapped child, death during childhood etc. are some indications of suffering due to ancestors’ subtle bodies. Poverty, physical illness, etc. can be some other indicators.) is inflicted due to ancestors’ subtle bodies, we can chant the Name of Deity Dattatreya (|| Shri Gurudev Datta ||) depending upon the severity of the problem.

A. If there is no problem at all, to avoid suffering in the future or if there is a minor problem, we should chant 1-2 hours of His Name daily. Besides, to avoid suffering due to destiny and for spiritual progress, we should chant the Name of the Kuladevata (Family Deity) as much as is possible.

B. If the problem is moderate in nature, then along with the Name of the Family Deity, we should chant atleast 2-4 hours of Deity Dattatreya’s Name daily. In addition, every Thursday we should visit a temple of Shri Datta, circumambulate His Idol 5 times and chant 1-2 malas of His Name for atleast a year.

C. If the problem is severe in nature, minimum of 4-6 hours of Deity Dattatreya’s Name should be chanted daily. In addition, we should perform spiritual practice at the seat of Deity Dattatreya’s worship or devotedly serve a Saint and obtain His blessings.

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