Mechanised slaughterhouse at Daund (Pune) operating without permission!

  •  Ha.Bha.Pa. Bandatatya Karadkar warned of a grand march
  •  Victory of Hindu unity
Ha.Bha.Pa. Bandatatya Karadkar

Kedgaon (District Pune) – Ha.Bha.Pa. Bandatatya Karadkar had warned of a grand march on June 20th to register a protest the mechanised slaughterhouse. He stated, ” This slaughterhouse will defile the Bhima and Indrayani rivers. “A statement was submitted to the State Government highlighting that the water mixed with blood from the slaughterhouse would be released into the rivers, increasing pollution, and posing a health threat to citizens. Considering the demands of the warkaris sympathetically, the government has decided to cancel the permission granted to this slaughterhouse.

1. The Government had approved the biggest mechanised slaughterhouse near Bhima River, Chandrabhaga River, and Shri Kshetra Siddhatek Ganapati Mandir, which are places of worship for all Hindus.

2. It faced strong opposition from Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, and the Warkari sects. The approval process did not consider the opinions of the citizens living in and around Daund city.

3. In view of the strong opposition to this slaughterhouse from all levels, the Government revoked its approval. This decision has been welcomed by Hindu community and various organisations.